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Founded by the jack-of-all-trades Nigel Hardy and his manager Ali Rezai in the sunny beaches of Santa Monica, CA in 2011. Hardlee Entertainment is an independent label that is diving in with those bands that produce the motto, "High Risk, High Reward." We believe in marketing only the bands who produce the highest quality of music and that can put on an unforgettable show along with it.

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225 Crossroads Blvd #261
Carmel, CA 93923



Indie FunkAugust 2013SlackisWack.com

Slack is a five piece Indie Funk band, that does almost everything "in-house," making our job here at the label easier. We found them doing all the promotion, web design, merchandising, and music production on their own. Now that we are in partnership, they tell us what they want and need, and we allow them to focus more on the music which has resulted in taking their sound to the next level.



Slack: Monterey County Weekly Writes...

"The quartet's party bag of '70s Bowie glam, '80s Talking Heads New Wave and vocal corssbreeding of Danzig and Destroyer adds a secret weapon that separates them from the norm."

Monterey County Weekly Article

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